Weekly Wrap Up


Week ending Saturday February 18th 2017

Greek Bank Runs Begin Again, Bankers Go On Alert

The people of Greece are nervous and they are making a run on the banking system to get their currency out of the banks. The unemployment rate in France has gone nowhere since 2013.

Initial jobless claims moved up modestly. Student loan petition has been put up on the White House site to allow students to declare bankruptcy.

Housing starts disappoint. FHA mortgage delinquencies are on the rise, if this continues it will be 2008 all over again.


Nullify Chapter 18: Taking on the Federal Reserve

There are four steps states can take to protect themselves from the Federal Reserve, and restore sound money. We’ll cover the first two, next.


Obama Coup D’état - Gen. Flynn’s Leaker Will Be Caught

Joseph DiGenova, the former U.S. Attorney for the District of Columbia, is one of the most powerful attorneys in Washington, and probably THE most powerful attorney that our team can completely trust.

I completely missed this before, but 3 days before the election, on Nov. 5th, in one of my favorite and most trustworthy news sources, the Daily Caller, he predicted that there would be no indictments concerning the Clinton Foundation from the Obama Justice Department.

“We now have the most politically corrupt Justice Department in the last 100 years.”

DiGenova, who is probably the favorite attorney to whom FBI agents would go to discuss their options in the Obama/Clinton world of infinite corruption, was the first to say that FBI agents refused direct orders from the top to destroy evidence in the form of the laptops of Clinton aides Heather Samuelson and Cheryl Mills in an agreed immunity deal.

He was outraged that the Justice Dept. had ordered the destruction:
“That alone is grounds for removal of every single person at the top of the Justice Department and any lawyer who agreed to that arrangement.”

That incriminating evidence is still out there – still awaiting to be dealt with.

But today, DiGenova – like President Trump – is much more worried about the powerful forces behind such an order trying to manipulate the MSM into impeaching President Trump.

I mean, they maneuvered to give Obama the Nobel Prize before he’d done anything, why not impeach President Trump before he’s done anything.

DiGenova’s brief yet powerful appearance on Hannity last night is a sober reminder of the high-stakes, but deadly serious games that are being played by Obama, Clinton, and other globalists like billionaire financier George Soros. We have got to pay attention.

If you send out nothing else today to your friends and family, please, please do whatever you can to spread this ultra-urgent message from US Attorney, Joe DiGenova:


WikiLeaks Vault 7 - IT'S TIME

WikiLeaks has puzzled the public with a mysterious "Vault 7" riddle. Given several hints dropped by the organization the world may witness a new disclosure.

WikiLeaks says it will be big.

​"What do Hillary Clinton, Google and WikiLeaks have to do with each other?… Is Hillary Clinton going to be prosecuted?


We are at WAR
Pizzagate is REAL & Hostel 2 ISN'T Fiction

Our society is under full-scale attack by psychopaths with the intent on destroying our minds, our spirit and our lives.

Public education, fluoride, and mainstream media destroys thinking.
Feminism, political correctness and popular culture destroys the human spirit.

Chem-trails, vaccines, GMO food and microwave radiation destroys health.

This is not hyperbole, the casualties are real. More than half the population is on psychotropic drugs, 16.5 million are alcoholics, and another 9 million are addicted to illegal drugs. More people commit suicide in one year than all US casualties from 15 years of mid east wars, add another 9 million deaths a year from cancer.

While the body count's are mounting, the ripple affects of poverty and mental illness ruined lives and destroying families are incalculable.


Denis Kucinich: White House is Under Attack from Intelligence Community


The Political Assassination of General Flynn

General Michael Flynn’s departure from the White House is indeed a tragedy and a TRAVESTY – not of his own making.

The big story that the MSM is trying desperately to hide is the outrageous criminal violation of national security that the conversations between Russia’s ambassador and Flynn, the designated National Security Adviser to the President-Elect, were not only monitored and recorded, but then transcripts of that classified conversation were circulated to selected members of the pro-leftist press purely for political gain.

This is not only a violation of Presidential security, but it also revealed what’s known in the intelligence business as “sources and methods” – something that usually brings the big heat down - and fast.

The perpetrators of this phone tap on President Trump and his staff need to be hunted down, charged with espionage, tried, convicted and sent to the slammer for the rest of their natural lives. President Trump cannot conduct a government that can expose even his private conversations to the world for political gain.


8 Years Of Lies Evaporate In 30 Seconds.. By Gregory Mannarino


Measure to Overturn Obama Social Security Gun Ban Gets Sent to Trump's Desk

In a stunning victory for the pro-gun community, the first bill to repeal an Obama anti-gun measure is now headed to President Trump's desk.

Earlier today, the Senate voted to overturn Barack Obama's Social Security Gun Ban.
The vote in the Senate was 57-43, with all Republicans voting for the repeal. They were joined by only four Democrats and one Independent. The earlier House vote was 235-180.
The resolution, House Joint Resolution 40, now goes to the president's desk, where Donald Trump is expected to eagerly sign it.


Swamp is Fighting Back

Flynn Fallout: 'The D.C. Swamp Is Rising Up' Against Trump

Barack Obama is behind a coordinated attack against the Trump administration, the purpose of which is to so weaken President Trump that he can be removed from office, either by impeachment, or forcing his resignation by using the 25th Amendment.

According to an unnamed source speaking exclusively to the National Enquirer, (Why the National Enquirer - a douche bag news rag!!) (Someone who has surpassed the levels of jerks and assholes, however not yet reached f#ckers or motherf#ckers as Obama has.) after Trump’s election, at least two secret meetings took place with Obama appointees of 7 key federal agencies to coordinate the Trump takedown strategy after he became president. According to the source:

“Obama was not present – but it was made clear his agenda and orders were to be carried out.”


Top Trends researcher Gerald Celente says that Trump is inheriting a U.S. and global economy that is bullish for gold prices.

Celente explains, “The debt crisis continues to build. The people are in an uproar about getting their pensions robbed from them. There are more taxes on them to give the money to the banks that did the dirty deals. Look beyond the United States, and we do not give financial advice, gold is the ultimate safe haven asset in a time of economic turmoil and geopolitical instability. . . .

Our forecast for gold, and let’s say the price is $1,240 per ounce, the downside is another $100 to $150 per ounce. It cost more than that to pull it out of the ground. So, it’s not going to go much lower than that ($1,240) . . . . That’s no downside risk. Here’s our forecast on the upside. Gold has to break above $1,400 per ounce and solidify over that price, somewhere in the $1,440 to 1,480 range. Once it solidifies in that range, we are saying it’s going to spike to over $2,000 per ounce. That’s our forecast, and we have been saying that for the better part of a year and a half.”


Obama's Secret Service Director Suddenly Resigns